Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Quote of The Day

"There is tremendous happiness in making others happy, despite our own situations. Shared grief is half the sorrow, but happiness when shared, is doubled. If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have that money can’t buy."

Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'm A Proud Blogger!

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I sometimes don't really feel sure myself about what it is that I really do. I blog, I run a shoe business, I do Youtube, I write. I'm here and there! Believe it or not, until today, I sometimes still feel inferior towards people who are pursuing their career in the corporate world. Sometimes, saying that you work in an oil & gas company, or in a financial consulting firm, feels waaaaaaaay cooler than introducing yourself as a "blogger", or even an "entrepreneur". Being a freelancer in the creative industry is somewhat rather more abstract and sometimes you just feel uncertain about it. But it's just sometimes. Many times, I feel awesome for doing what I do, for purely creating out of love, without being enslaved by any other commercial power. And today was that day where I feel so appreciated for being a blogger.

What happened? I won an award from Genie Woman Festival 2016 in the "Inspiring Blogger" category! Yayyyyy! Alhamdulillah. It's been 9 years since I started blogging and to still be appreciated until today is truly a blessing. Thank you sooooo much! :)

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 photo o_zpsrseprzpz.jpg  photo ooooo_zps4eeen7wc.jpg
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Friday, April 29, 2016

Freeze! You're Under The Venus Freeze!

Back to my much needed pampering time at Marie France Bodyline! This time I tried out their new treatment called Venus Freeze in Plaza Indonesia. Apparently, it's Hollywood celebrities' favorite slimming treatment. Ha! Must try, yes? :)

 photo mmmm_zpsmldvtkge.jpg photo mmm_zpsdarpqfgk.jpg

Venus Freeze is a new, revolutionary body treatment that is highly-effective in circumferential reduction, reduces cellulite appearance and enhances body skin tightening. Despite its name, Venus Freeze does not use cold technology. Instead, it uses the patented (MP)² technology – a combination of Magnetic Pulse fields and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency. The overall treatment is deemed to be safe, pain-free and results-driven.

Venus Freeze is the first and only clinically-proven treatment to receive FDA clearance for the use of Magnetic Pulse technology. Magnetic Pulse fields have been used in medicine for decades and have a proven track record with regards to their regenerative properties, including synthesis of collagen, fibroblast proliferation and neo-vascularity. It also provides the added benefits of increased oxygen, nutrients and blood supply to the skin for a more youthful and smoother silhouette. You can check out some before-after result examples here.

 photo m_zpsvzmhx6mr.jpg

Verdict: I loved it! Compared to some other treatments, this one felt more relaxing, probably because it's warm to the tummy. No pinching-feeling whatsoever, just like someone is rubbing a hot balm on your stomach, which is a nice feeling. I could also see some results a few days after the treatment, which is smoother and tighter skin around my tummy. I highly recommend it! :)

Special for my blog readers, you can get 1 trial session of Venus Freeze @ Rp 1.500.000 only (original price: Rp 3.800.000)! Just show my blogspot to the receptionist to get the promo price, ladies! :)

 photo mm_zpsuavpec4t.jpg

And btw, I recorded myself during this treatment so a Youtube video will follow very soooon. Woohoo! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Genius, Am I? :D

I have been asking many questions to myself lately, and to some point, I actually thought I was crazy. But then I read an article which suggests that people who often talk to themselves are actually geniuses. Ha!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Our Tokyo Diary

Our dream came true! Hubby and I have been dreaming about visiting Japan for a very long time, and finally, after being so patient hehe, we managed to visit Tokyo for a short family holiday. Yayyyyyyy! So so happy! :)

 photo IMG_3421_zps3gvb2tmr.jpg
 photo IMG_4150_zpskh8gn5q6.jpg photo IMG_3453_zpsyg9nngqn.jpg photo IMG_3238_zpspldzim4a.jpg photo IMG_3938_zpsvs1ienha.jpg photo IMG_3482_zpsww0u2pzs.jpg photo IMG_4097_zpsc7jmpi5t.jpg photo IMG_3886_zpsyoigzucf.jpg
 photo IMG_4193_zpsvdgazutt.jpg photo IMG_3994_zpsvqt9b9e0.jpg photo IMG_3394_zpsls843sm1.jpg photo IMG_4152_zpsblizecqj.jpg photo IMG_4103_zpsvvn5zohw.jpg photo IMG_4102_zpsxtmmimqs.jpg
 photo IMG_3650_zpscarhpx5r.jpg

Tokyo was beyond lovely. The city is so clean that for an OCD person like me, I didn’t mind putting my head to rest on a public facility because I could just feel the cleanliness in every detail of the city. The people were very friendly and helpful too. The fact that some Japanese who cannot speak English are still trying their best to understand and help is beyond words. I have never witnessed such sincerity in helping others. Japan is by far the most courteous country I have ever been to.

The weather was tough for me though. There would be occasional cold winds that were very strong that it literally felt like someone was putting a cold blower in front of my face. It was tough for me to breathe properly that I actually cried while walking because my nose was totally blocked it hurt like crazy. Thank God Sharjeel was always there to run to the pharmacy and get me something to make me feel better. I would have died without him, to put in a dramatic way. My nose just cannot bear such strong cold winds. Sigh.

Among everything we did / visited in Tokyo, my favorite was the Shinjukugyoen National Park. I don’t think a park has ever moved me in such a way I did not want to leave. The whole Sakura + greenery was like heaven on earth. It was something I have never seen before and the beauty just touched my heart so deeply. Shahmeer is one lucky baby to be able to witness that at such an age.

 photo IMG_3636_zpsvza6vip0.jpg
 photo IMG_3567_zps08lk1w4f.jpg  photo IMG_3630_zpsvvlnn477.jpg photo IMG_3398_zpszhqtvozj.jpg  photo IMG_3633_zpswgpspw9g.jpg  photo IMG_3486_zpsmz69xora.jpg photo IMG_3653_zpsyzinuxiv.jpg  photo IMG_3639_zpsnssyoioa.jpg  photo IMG_3643_zpso23n8dt6.jpg photo IMG_3402_zpsdvagzqlp.jpg  photo IMG_3645_zpsutogpg4f.jpg photo _DSC1183_zpsk6e8ywpy.jpg  photo IMG_3655_zpsvl9zbnwi.jpg

Shopping wise, Japan might not be that heavenly. Things are very expensive in Tokyo. FYI, the Japanese are crazy about vintage Chanel, which makes vintage Chanel super overpriced here. I have to admit that they have great collection though, but just for browsing sake. You’re better off buying vintage Chanel in Jakarta from other fellow collectors. Instead, I got myself a vintage Moschino and MCM bag heheheh. The only recommended shop for youngsters (of my taste) would be WEGO. I shopped quite a lot there because the collection is super fun and price was reasonable too. I bought like 9 earrings and plenty of oversized t-shirts. Kawaii!

 photo IMG_3348_zpsg1q4ygpf.jpg photo IMG_3939_zpsr2rvytts.jpg photo IMG_3392_zps3oy1g5ae.jpg photo IMG_3979_zpsfln7klls.jpg
 photo IMG_3352_zpsrmkvm0vr.jpg
 photo IMG_4192_zpshrl6aobw.jpg

For babies and kids, I highly recommend the ASObono Indoor Playground if it gets too cold or windy outside. The place is soooooooo fun and clean and everything looks super cute too! Shahmeer spent so many hours playing inside, which explains why the whole Tokyo trip felt more like Shahmeer's play trip as opposed to sightseeing and shopping heheh. But seriously, this playground is like heaven for kids.

 photo FullSizeRender_zpsvb1vuvqa.jpg  photo IMG_3916_zpsrdvibuhw.jpg  photo FullSizeRender1_zpsxbdjeizs.jpg  photo IMG_3918_zpsjb6ssi7x.jpg  photo IMG_3861_zpstmtpqcsr.jpg  photo IMG_3928_zpstxzgszfd.jpg photo IMG_3967_zpsuigukc5g.jpg

What else did we see / do? Hhmmm...we went to Tokyo Disneyland, but the quality of shows were far less attractive than Hong Kong Disneyland somehow. We roamed the streets of Omotesando, Ginza, Shibuya, Hajajuku, Shinjuku, Akihabara. We visited Yoyogi Park.

 photo IMG_4096_zpsqlnmfrwn.jpg photo IMG_4136_zpsajxrsssp.jpg photo FullSizeRender1_zps6rkvvjnc.jpg photo IMG_4094_zps0re2krya.jpg photo IMG_4095_zpsfai55xbx.jpg
 photo IMG_4068_zpsdelc2e7d.jpg

I would have to say that Tokyo as a city is not so baby-friendly though. Not every place offers a stroller lane more over escalators or elevators. So many times Sharjeel and I had to pick up the stroller up and down the stairs to reach places. Cafes and restaurants are also so tiny that you can't even fit a stroller inside. Don't even think of baby chairs. Most restaurants and cafes in Tokyo have a bar seating arrangement which makes it impossible to bring babies. We even got rejected in a few restaurants because they apply a no-stroller policy. Boo hoo.

 photo IMG_4196_zpsxblhvkhh.jpg photo _DSC1271_zpsyj1geb5z.jpg photo IMG_4092_zpsqffib9ho.jpg photo _DSC1405_zpsbt24bcja.jpg photo IMG_3234_zpsr0nyyfyf.jpg photo FullSizeRender2_zpsdlquuumx.jpg photo IMG_4197_zpsi8qdhzjp.jpg photo IMG_3980_zps012ketc0.jpg photo FullSizeRender_zpszk1sbgyc.jpg photo IMG_3395_zpsqeg7di5x.jpg photo IMG_3952_zpsdreecmq9.jpg
 photo IMG_3993_zpsqlqzw3ap.jpg
 photo IMG_3386_zpsg8cvwdds.jpg

All in all, Tokyo is definitely worth another visit, again and again. The city has too many things to offer that an 8-days trip felt too quick.We love you, Tokyo! :)
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